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We stay in quite a few Wal-Mart parking lots!  The Wal-Mart company is generous to RV'ers and allows free over-nighting in their parking lots!  Prior to our Adventure Across America, we had never been into a Wal-Mart... well, that's all changed!! The Wal-Mart stores carry RV supplies and other essential "stuff" that a family uses (and uses, and uses, and uses!!).  Wal-Mart has been kind to us, when Jeff's Dad was dying, the hospital called the Wal-Mart as we were needed at the hospital post haste!  The Wal-Mart manager personally came out to our RV and a gave us the message... now that's a store (and people) who really care!




Arrival Time: 1:30am

Access: Very good, but I have no idea how to get back to the highway!)

Groceries: Yes

Spent $ nothing.... !

Noise Level: Extremely quiet.

Comments: We couldn't find anywhere to camp overnight, finally got off the highway and there it was... like a Mecca!!!  Hallelujah!



Show Low


Comments: As this is the only game in town... we lots of shopping here for the duration of our three week stay in the White Mountains, this Wal-mart also donated $45 towards the housekeeping set-up of the family we were helping!!  WOW!


Arrival Time: 3:00 pm

Access: This place knows RV'rs are here!!  Access was awesome.  

Groceries: yes

Spent $ 243.01 (oh, my gosh!!)

Noise Level: Very Quiet!

Comments: This was incredible!!  We have NEVER seen so many RV's parked in any lot!!!  It looks like they laid out the parking lot to accommodate the RVs!  WOW .  The LA Times wrote about this place (and us!!)  and the print edition had MORE photos of us !!!  WOW


Arrival Time: 10:00 pm

Access: Easy, just was hard to decide where to park in this huge lot!  

Groceries: yes

Spent $ NOTHING... and I won't spend a dime before we leave.... promise!

Noise Level: Quiet-ish!

Comments: Looks like they are expanding the store.  LOTS of RVs in the lot!  Hmmmm, can you say Snow Bunnies?




Arrival Time: 10:15pm

Access: Wonderful!  


Spent $150

Noise Level: Extremely quiet, in fact so quiet, I forgot we were here upon waking!

Comments: The boys were pleased, Wal-Mart is located next to a Fry's Computer Store.... Nirvana!   NOTE:  We even went back to this Wal-Mart on our way back to Orange County for a visit.... this is a FAV!!


Arrival Time: On and off throughout the holidays

Access: NO RV's Allowed!!  

Groceries: No

Spent $ LOTS

Noise Level: Loud, but who cares... we can't park overnight in the lot!

Comments: This is the dirtiest, loudest and most crowded Wal-Mart we have ever been into!  It is so busy and there are so few employees we actually leave before making a purchase on several occasions.  The management tells us that with such low un-employment in Orange County, California, there is no one to hire!!  Gosh, I almost stepped up and said let me help!!  Horrible Wal-Mart.  


Arrival Time: 11pm

Access: Fair, long drive through a winding parking lot 

Groceries: I have no idea.

Spent $ Not a DIME!!! 

Noise Level: This is a really quiet one!  In fact when we awoke bright and early at 8am, the back of the lot was still filled with parked and sleeping RV's!

Comments: Our first stop back on the road, September 2001... boy it feels good to be back in the "saddle" again!  Feels like home... a Wal-Mart parking lot!


Mountain View

Arrival Time: 8:00pm

Access: Horrible!  You can't see the Wal-Mart from the Street and the parking lot is filled with trees.  A very small lot!! 

Groceries: No way, this is the Silicon Valley!!!

Spent $ 7.76 (A nifty serving platter)

Noise Level: Alternating between very noisy and very quiet!

Comments: This lot is also posted no parking, but the night manager Ruthann was awesome and said to go ahead and park our rig!  The store is the prototype dotcom store for Wal-Mart (this is the Silicon Valley!) but we didn't see anything different about the store!  It is a very, very busy store!  We stayed two nights and were never troubled for overnight parking.


Arrival Time: 5:30pm

Access: Great Big Lot!!

Groceries: Nope!

Spent $  11 

Noise Level: Ahhhhhh, it is sooooo quiet here, we almost forgot we were camping!

Comments: This is a wonderful place!  Although it is posted no overnight parking, the store manager told us to go ahead and park on the side of the building.  Next to the Wal-Mart is a Costco and a little further down in the shopping center is an Albertson's!!  We had a great time stocking up the rig with groceries from everywhere!!


Arrival Time: 3:00pm

Access: Awesome!!!

Groceries: Didn't check this time, we're fully stocked (although the kids went in for ice cream and were disappointed to find none!)

Spent $ Zippo!! 

Noise Level: LOUD... LOUD.... LOUD!! LOTS of Trucks!!

Comments: It is soooooo hot here.... think I am going to melt!

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Colorado Springs (near Chapel Hill)

Arrival time: 1:00 am

Access: Pretty Easy

Groceries: Yes

Spent $: 60.16

Noise Level: Very Quiet

Comments: Christa had a very pleasant shopping experience here at 3:00am, very soothing and quiet.




Arrival Time: 7:00pm

Access: Fairly good.

Groceries: Yes

Spent $97.50

Comments: We stopped here on our way out of Florida towards Alabama... Thank goodness, there wasn't another Wal-Mart or large grocery store the rest of the way through to Montgomery, AL.  Got groceries and Grace and I snuck a few craft items into the cart!

Fort Walton Beach

Comments: Hard to find since there are no major highways running through this part of town!  We never stopped here, just drove by and waved!!

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Arrival Time: 3:00am

Access: Good, but VERY HARD to find (could that be due to the late hour?)

Groceries: Yes

Spent $56.32

Noise Level: Extremely quiet, we were the only overnighters

Comments: We drove all over Dalton looking for this Wal-mart.  There were no other RVs or Semis in the parking lot, so we didn't put out the slide, in case we got chased away.... we didn't!!

Warner Robins

Arrival Time: nearly daily!!!

Access: Great!

Groceries: Yes

Spent:  too much

Comments: We spent a lot of time going to an fro.... Thanks goodness for the Wal-Mart, we used it a lot while in Perry, Georgia.

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Mt. Vernon

Arrival Time: 12:00 midnight

Access: Super Easy

Groceries: Yes, Fantastic

Spent $ 00

Noise Level: Loud due to the Semi Trucks in and out, spending the night

Comments: This is the BEST Wal-Mart we have been inside!  The aisles are big and it is very clean.  Although it is the same merchandise as other Wal-mart stores, due to the presentation, the goods on the shelves somehow seem of a higher quality.  Very nice store.




Arrival Time: 11:30pm

Access: Fine - Small parking lot

Groceries: No

Spent $ 00

Noise Level: Super Quiet

Comments: We landed here during an electrical storm... it was hard to find in the dark, in the morning we found it was SUPER easy to find.... in the light!


Arrival Time: 1:00am

Access: Great

Groceries: No

Spent $ 10.00 (even!)

Noise Level: Super Quiet

Comments: We parked in the Sam's lot and walked to Wal-Mart... in the RAIN!! Good planning on our part!!!

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Fergus Falls

Arrival Time: 3:30 am

Access: hard to remember, very late at night - autopilot

Groceries: unknown

Spent $ 00

Noise Level: Who cares, we could have slept through a tornado.


Arrival Time: 4:30 pm

Access: Good

Groceries: Yes, limited

Spent $ 00

Noise Level: Quiet

Comments: There were several of the RVs in the parking lot with their slides out, we made like a Xerox and copied them!!  Very nice evening! Ended up staying TWO nights!!


Arrival Time: 11:30 pm

Access: Great

Groceries: Unknown!

Spent $ 00

Noise Level: EXTREMELY Quiet

Comments: We landed here after a long drive from Minneapolis towards Sioux Falls, SD.  It is situated right next to a beautiful open field.  We felt like we had the biggest front lawn ever!!!  Nice eats nearby!



Kansas City

Arrival Time: 12:00 midnight  

Access: Easy    

Groceries: Yes

Spent $ 45.02

Noise Level: Loud, we parked next to a municipal bus stop... mistake!!

Comments: Huge parking lot.  It is REALLY hot, we sleep all night with the generator running the air-conditioning.




Arrival Time: 11:30pm

Access: Great

Groceries: No

Spent $ 00

Noise Level: Super Quiet

Comments: Great access, easy to find


Arrival Time: 12:00 midnight

Access: fine 

Groceries: Can't remember we were so tired!!!

Spent $ 4.00

Noise Level: didn't notice any noise!

Comments: We really had a hard time remembering the name of this town.... NORFOLK... in Nebraska?????

North Platte

Arrival Time: 10:30 pm

Access: Good

Groceries: Yes

Spent $ 12.08

Noise Level: LOUD

Comments: Had a handy gas station in the lot with a service station that sells diesel, and will let you fill your water tanks no charge. A McDonalds is conveniently located in the very large parking lot. Noisy at night, lots of teenagers.


North Dakota


Arrival Time: drive-by

Spent $: 101.00 (the first visit!)

Comments: Posted Sign: No overnight parking allowed




Arrival Time: 8:00pm

Access: Great!  But we are the only RV here.... hmmmm

Groceries: Yes

Spent $: 120

Noise Level: Extremely quiet.

Comments: This store is located in a GREAT shopping area, lots of everything all over the place!  



  Grant's Pass

Arrival Time: 9:30pm

Access: Great!  Oh my... we are in the LAND of RV's

Groceries: Nope

Spent $: 3.88 (cookies!!!)

Noise Level: Quiet-ish

Comments: It is really, really cold.... nice store, BIG parking lot, LONG walk from the RV to the store in the cold!!!


South Dakota

Sioux Falls

Arrival Time: 6:30pm

Access: Great (even in the snow!)

Groceries: No

Spent $: way, way, way toooooo much

Noise Level: Loud, until we moved by the Garden Center

Comments: This Wal-Mart has the greatest management and employees!  We stayed in the parking lot here during the week Jeff's dad died.  The staff was great, allowing us to stay for over a week as we took care of family issues.  At one point we were advised to move to a quieter section of the parking lot, to get us away from the traffic noise and congestion.  This store is one of the top five in traffic (and business) in the Wal-Mart chain.  Even so, the staff was so gracious and kind to our family.  Especially one of the managers, Dawn.

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