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The entire Gefke Clan thanks you for your kind comments and encouraging words. Your words have ministered to us all immensely!   If you would like to make a comment, please go to the Guest Comment Form!   (If you have visited here before, please hit refresh to see the new comments!)

So, what do our readers say......

July 3, 2002
Just received your up-date and am overjoyed you're in the great northwest once again.   I know you'll find the home you want... no make that the home you'll need. HE'S provided for these past 2 years, I'm sure HE'LL provide yet once again. the orchard and gardens, just may be an orchard of faith, and gardens of love, in the least likely spot!    ~~~ Susan F.  (reader since the beginning!)

June 21, 2002
Like a good book, I couldn't put your journal down. The story of your transformation through Christ is inspiring and it ministered to me personally. How you've found purpose and meaning to your lives is a remarkable story and one that many wish they could find. It seems to me you are very rich indeed.   - Sharon

May 16, 2002
A wonderful family site.  I have e-mailed Christa with info about Andreas Gefke and how I am related to him.  I am e-mailing a copy of the obituary to her and also Gardell.  Patricia Ferguson

May 9, 2002
Hello my name is Jeff S., and I work for Taylor Guitars. I spoke to you Christa today, and just wanted to say hello and that I was blessed hearing about what our Lord is doing with you and your family. Please know I will keep you guy's in my prayers and hope to meet you all some day. May God bless and keep you, Jeff

May 1, 2002
Happy May Day!  Just thinking about you and praying for you. You are a blessing to me.  Kelly  Roseburg OR

April 7, 2002
I just found your website.  It's great.  My wife and I are going to be going on the road full time in the next two years and as we were looking at your pictures we wondered how you support yourself while traveling?  Do you do Work Kamper jobs or do you and your spouse have a self-supporting hobby - such as photography, etc. 

Thanks..... Ken  

NOTE FROM CHRISTA - You can find our whole story in the JOURNAL!

April 3, 2002
Very nice website, it looks like your family is truly blessed.  We will pass your website on to our friends and family.   We are also a traveling family.   Bobby, Lisa, Robert (14), Josh (11) and Aaron 10 months
Bobby and Lisa's Website

March 12, 2002
Christa ~  I am so excited that you are going to be writing a book.  I want to make sure that I get a copy.  When I read that you weren't going to be writing in the journal anymore, it was like finding out your best friend is moving.  I start my day with checking my e-mail and your journal.  Please leave a note once in awhile.

When you head this way, (Nebraska) let me know, I would like to get together.  The Noonan's is a great place to visit, I don't think they would mind that I'm inviting you there.  Whenever I didn't see an entry in the journal I would pray that everything was going well for you and your family.  Now I will have to pray for you more often. ~ In His Love, Karen Babel

March 12, 2002
I will miss your adventures of going from church to church, on a regular basis. however, will look forward to your return when your major writing is completed.  Hope your birthday was committed to the joy of family, and your devotions.  God bless ~ Susan F

March 1, 2002
Hi Gefke's  I have finally gotten a chance to see what your website is all about and it is very interesting.  I have enjoyed it.  You visited our church before Christmas here in Marysville WA at Calvary Chapel and I was very interested in your lifestyle however not being very computer literate I am just now in March getting to it.  Thank you for your faithfulness in the service of our Lord and We pray that you are greatly blessed.                         God Bless You All Scott and Diana Green - Marysville WA

February 22, 2002
Read about you & your adventures in the St Petersburg Times (article about Walmart).  Have enjoyed your website, the little I've seen so far.  My husband & I  and our cat will be touring the USA this Spring for several weeks.  Wonder if you could share with me how you go online?  Do you have a special cell phone which connects to your computer?  We'll be bringing our laptop with us.  Thanks in advance and thanks for sharing your "adventure"!!

February 13, 2002
Hi Christa,  I just thought I'd drop you a line to say "hello" and to let you know I'm still reading your journal. Hope to read February's whenever you get it posted. I'm glad to see you and the family are getting along great and still enjoying life on the road. May God bless you all and keep you safe and well.    Brenda (aka Loon)

January 31, 2002
Christa,  Sweet Christa!  In so many ways I feel like we are the same person... just living in two separate locations.  How sweet of the Lord to give me a surprise "kindred spirit".  I am as blessed with your journal as I was with your visit.  I just wish my life had permitted me to get to have more time to share.  Something tells me we could have talked for hours on end. 

I know the Lord has such radical things planned for your family.  I cannot wait to see all of your updates and follow God's incredible path in your lives.  You are now officially in the Pimentel "favorites" file.  (maybe the internet isn't all that intrusive after all).  I will remember you in prayer every time you come to mind.  Especially in regards to the "timing" issue and your future in public speaking.  Again...I KNOW God has such an incredible plan.  I can't wait to see it!
With much love and prayer I sign off,

"Kept" by Him
Gina-Bo-Bina (Grants Pass)

January 23, 2002
Greetings!   I am very inspired by your family adventure and ministry. I would like to know where you are at present? Also, I was disappointed not to be able to read your second yr. journal. Would love to know more!   blessings,  Leslie Hill

December 24,  2001
I would like to wish you a truly wonderful Christmas and New Year. God's blessings always. 
Charlotte Taku (Reading, England)

December 09,  2001
Eve and  my daughter have "Jesus Loves You"  in common.  She is just 2 1/2, and it's her favorite.   dd1 took her picture singing to us on the phone.
Don't be distressed about Everett.  It could be a stopping point and redirection for the family.  Did you know there is a college called Puget Sound Christian College very near Everett in Mountlake Terrace?  Could it be that this might be what Jeff is destined to do?

November 29,  2001
Hi Jeff and Christa,   I've been reading your Journal all morning and yours is truly an amazing story. I sometimes get fed up of living the rat race and would love to do something like you but I suppose I haven't got your determination and courage. I live in the UK and got the web address from as I'm a big fan of Oprah Winfrey.

What I was wondering was when do you find the time to make the journal entries as it appears as though you are constantly on the move. Do you write every night, can't wait to read more current details of what you are all doing. I know you do home schooling but do the kids not miss out on formal education and some subjects on the curriculum.

May God bless you and give you the courage and wisdom to live your dreams.   Charlotte

November 23,  2001
Christa, I just wanted to wish you and your lovely family a happy Thanksgiving. I hope you are all enjoying the blessings of Him.

(((((Hugs))))  Brenda

November 19,  2001
Just wanted to wish you all a bountiful, happy thanksgiving. pray, you are sharing the day together or with new-found friends.  Susan

November 04,  2001
This is a great site.  My wife and I plan on selling our home soon and hitting the road with two kids ages 5 1/2 and 7.  We would love to hear from anyone with tips and or ideas about this.  We can be reached at .... please feel free to send us links and or tell people you know that have done or are doing this to write us...  We pray and know Jesus will be with us in our journey.... with Christ all thinks will happen thank you ... the AGNITTI family from MA...........................................SOON TO BE TAKING BACK OUR LIFES

October 04,  2001
Had to laugh about forgetting something!  We forgot the kids clothes once, and had to make a k mart run for the weekend.  My mother broke her hip and I had a 6 week stay with her. I've just returned, via the train, and cried when I saw my dh waiting for me. it was so wonderful to be able to share in his strength.   Did meet 2 very interesting people at the care center where mother was placed after surgery. one was a nurse who is trained in chinese pressure points, and a respiratory therapist, who has turned from the "bottle" to the bible.  The nurse came in when mother was suffering some pain and couldn't get comfortable. I realized she was doing more than pressure but was laying on hands.  she was kind enough to give mother her tele # in case she needed her at home, where mother is now.  The the r.t. was so knowledgeable of the bible and was a delight with his impromptu sermon. I think he has missed his calling, and yet the concern he gave the patients was rare in the care center.   I so hope you're in the great northwest, and are enjoying a gentle Washington rain!

September 09,  2001
Hi Gefke's ! I think that what you do is very interesting. I am 11. Please email me.

September 07,  2001
hi y'all!  say!  where is the new photo I sent you of the WHOLE Governale family??  you promised!!  love,  cg

August  30,  2001

August  16,  2001
Christa and family,  What an inspiration you are in this day and age.  I can't even imagine going on the road with three children and trying to do what you do.  Don't worry about what people think or say - just keep living the life you are and all things will be revealed!   

August  08,  2001
hi Christa, saw that you are planning to go up the great northwest.   You will love it.    We lived for a time in Bothel Washingon, just over the floating bridge (yup, they float) from Seattle.   I don't know if there is a Calvary Church there, but there were several we visited with a our dd's friends, and very friendly.   Of course it has changed and grown by leaps and bounds, but I'm sure it's a nice place. Seattle for the children is wonderful! so much to see and do.   For your home teaching, try the underground tour in Pioneer Sq., see Mt. Rainer, one of the volcanoes in the area. (remember Mt.. St.. Helens?), visit the fish steps just north of on the locks, and the kids can see how salmon migrate.   The museums and space needle are so nice.  Don't forget pikes market, fresh produce, and fish markets.
       I'm leaving out so much! the Indian culture and the totem poles, so important in teaching how other cultures evolved, even though most follow Christian tenants now.
       I also recommend if you're able, to visit Canada. Vancouver is the closest you can get to Europe without going. we used to camp there. dogwood campground... darn I can't remember the city, but not far from Vancouver.   They also have, just east, a jelly stone campground geared for families.   I'd love to see you take the ferry to Victoria, but with the camper it can be expensive.   The government building, museums, and Buchard Gardens...great lessons in science and history.   They too had camping.   Know, if you remember you were created in God's image and likeness, and with prayer, that knee will be healed.   Take Care

July 31,  2001
hello my wonderful family!  .....I just love it sooooo much that I can visit you whenever I want to....  ....but I suggest that you should travel to Germany too! How would that be? I'm looking forward to it....your simone from Germany

July 28,  2001
Wow! What an incredible journey you're on or maybe it could be called "The Gefke Family's Excellent Adventure."  It was hard for me to tear away from reading about your last couple of months - what lessons in faith in Christ! What applications of reliance on Christ! I feel like a whiney whimp compared to you all. I know the how difficult it is to be afflicted with and bear the worst of the pre-monsoonal desert heat in a comfortable permanent home with a well worn routine. We have a 3 year old and one due in August, you have 3 children - how heroic! I pray that more people see your website. Joe Goodale referred me to your site, though we haven't met, you have made a positive difference in my attitude.   Grace & Peace of Jesus the Messiah on you all,
Mark Stockwell in Tucson

July 28,  2001
Please call us while you are in OC for dinner at the Kinney's. Or lunch or whatever. We would like to see you all - The Kinney Family

July 19,  2001
Hey Kurt. It's Mary. Remember me, from the Mexico Mission trip? Anyway... Just wanted to say hi. I'll right sometime soon. Miss ya lots. God Bless.

July 09,  2001
hi christa, just have caught up with the latest postings. it must be getting close to the time for your son's return. hope he accomplished all he wanted to. read about grace wanting to by-pass college. has she thought about attending and getting her degree, then going out into the mission field? she might find herself better equipt to handle all of the situations. when dd1 went to mexico, for the summer, she was able to work in the medical tent, because her ba degree in spanish (and had taken a class in medial spanish) then, her msw has helped her so very much, especially now in her new job of pre-natal care women. since she works for a catholic (although she's not, and doesn't have to follow catholic doctrine) hospital, she can give more than clinical, but spiritual help, if needed. it's just a thought....susan f

June 30,  2001
Dear Jeff and Christa, Enjoyed reading your journey folks and pray God continue to lead. Thank you for your service to His Kingdom. If you are in North Carolina holler... Pastor Terry Sartain Lazarus Christian Fellowship in Charlotte. ( A new Calvary Chapel)

June 14,  2001
Hi! Christa, and family! Gaby told me about your page and I´m impressed, You are the most creative family I`ve met. I don't know If you now about my son. He is 4 months, His name is Pablo, please send me your e-mail and I 'll send you his picture. He is too cute (his father too) I will send you pictures of him too. I can`t believe how big are you Kurt, I've met you when you were a little baby. and now you are a big man. I give you a big hug and It`s great to know about this page, its very very very impresive. But its a great way to stay in touch.

I hope to see you soon.   Daniela Tijerina

June 12,  2001
Hi Jeff and Christa   I just wanted to know I was thinking of you while driving on a call the other day. I also was having a tough time earlier with a particular customer in downtown Minneapolis. I looked up to God and told him the if he made that business with this difficult customer come to pass I would give 10% of the sale to Mustard Seed. It was a potential 25 case sale that looks like it would take a Miracle to make happen. If you could pray for this Miracle to happen I would appreciate it.

In Jesus' name. Bernie Bittner SCS Cases

June 07,  2001
Hello Jeff, Christa, kids. This is Gaby Tijerina enojoing your page, thanks for sharing it.About the praying, tell me how to do for prayers to my exhusband and my three kids, they are not close to God, and since they don´t live with me anymore I can´t take them to church, plus the father has never gone even thow he is católic. I wish my kids would know God at least a little bit more of what they know him.

June 05,  2001
Hey Kurt and family! How are you guys? Everyone misses you alot and hopes you'll be back a.s.a.p.!!! Just Checking in with you guys so e-mail me back @ dancer11189!!!! All my love, Adena

June 04,  2001
Hey Gefke's!!! Wow! you've been everywhere!!!! When are u going to come back, or are you going to come back?? We've missed you guys so much!!! Hope you're having a great time (which it looks like you are!) and we hope to see or hear from you soon! Email us at or Adena at!!! We miss you!!! The Stein Family (Linda, Marty, Adena, Lindsey, and Kaylie!)

June 03,  2001
Hey guys! Whats up? We finally went to you website. Grace, did you get my e-mail about the pillbury doughboy? Love from, Rebecca Hind.

June 03,  2001
Great Website! It is nice to see another online RV Christian Family. Enjoy your website including the Wal-mart reviews. We'll be praying for a safe trip for you all and will visit back to see your adventures.   Bob C from Dracut, MA

June 03,  2001
Hi! It seems like we're old friends already. We enjoyed the privilege of sharing Eve's FOURTH birthday very much!!! The green cake was great! You are all such a blessing and have been like a breath of fresh air for us. Thank you for coming to Silver City to share your wonderful and unique ministry. May God continue to bless you and lead you. (We know He will!) Love, The Gros family --Joseph, Dea, Jeriah, Aujenae, Ariana (and Jaired--who missed out & didn't get to meet you)

June 02,  2001
Christa: I have followed your journal with great interest for several months now. My own family has been "on tenderhooks" wondering what adventures the Gefke family would get into next! I have not had reason to email or post a message before because you are all doing such a wonderful job bringing the message of Christ to people all across our country that I told myself there simply was nothing I could presume to share with you.   Now, however, after consulting with my spouse, who believes I am not speaking out of turn, I believe I must speak a gentle word of counsel in love for you and your family.

My spouse and I have watched the unfolding drama with your husband's family and their recent bereavement. I know only too well the trials imposed by sharing love with one's family when they do not also share one's love of Jesus. But for those who do not choose to walk with the Lord (yet--I am an optimist!!), we can only share our message through our example, and not through exhortation. I know very well the struggle you described, of trying not to put ourselves forward, of trying to keep our abiding love of God out of our conversation. I have seen in my own family--and I see in your journal's descriptions of your's husband's family--the reactions people have to those of us who are striving to live in the path of light. So believe me, I know too well your conflict!

I believe your journal, when it relates to positive events in your own family unit and when it relates your inner life alone, is a tremendous tool for good and may assist other Christians to realize their struggles are not solitary ones while they identify with you. But your journal, when it relates personal or difficult events about your family and your husband's relations, can only be a source of pain for them if they are not yet with the Lord. We are warned to avoid speaking of others or causing disorder. (2 Corinthians 12:20) This is especially true within the family, as we are not fit to judge others under any circumstances (James 4:11-12) but especially wrong against one's own kin. (Psalms 50:16-23) To create discord or accuse others is to display a characteristic of satan! (Revelations 12:10)

Dear one, I know you believe your husband's family have put you through trials as well, under which you have borne up as well as you could strive to do so. I cannot definitively say that your previous journal entries about your husband's family are contrary to these Biblical injunctions; that is for you to pray on and examine yourself closely about. (2 Corinthians 13:5-9) If your family feels your journal writing is another cause of discord or unhappiness, you should set aside in a private journal those aspects of your life relating to them. It is possible in time they will come to understand your mission and until then, you must exercise forgiveness. (Matthew 18:21-22)

My family wishes you the best in your continued travels and trials: we will pray for you!

Your sister in Christ: Amy Edwards

May 30,  2001
dear visitor, Iam collecting used umbrellas and rain coats to distribute to the earthquake victims in India who are camping in makeshift tents outside their collapsed buildings and heavy cyclonic rains hit them now.You can collect used umbrellas and rain coats in your neighbourhood and send me. e.mail tel.91-8856-33365

May 30,  2001
Hi Christa,   It really pained me to read your latest journal entries. I'm sorry you are feeling rejected by your family on both sides. I hope and pray that your soul searching will give you the answers to make relationships better. Try looking outside yourself to view your path and spirit and I hope that will shed the light you need to find the way into the hearts of those you so desire to be a part of.   (((HUGS))) Brenda (Loon)

May 29,  2001
Hey Gracie, how are you. You haven't emailed me in a long time why? Anyway if you get the chance to email me please do!! Have a good day and talk to you later!!   Marissa VandeVoort

May 24 2001
Comments: Someone wrote to us and said to check out your web site. Maybe we could be some help to you. We have over 2500 audio messages that are Bibically based on our wed site that you can listen to free of charge. If you have a super message that you have done perhaps you would be willing to share it with us. If you do please include your contact address at the end of the message. We send out over a milliom messages all over the world free of charge. its a way of leting the body of Christ hear what the Lord has shown you, which incourages us all. Love In Christ Jesus. Doug and Kim Wetmore

May 21 2001
just wanted to add my late condolences on the loss of jeff's father. how the world works...the same day, a dear friend's dd, delivered a healthy baby boy...susan f

May 21 2001
Christa,   Thank You for your website. It is a blessing and inspiration. Keep up the good work.   MJ - PA

May 21 2001
Comments:  What a great website ... Thanks

May 18 2001
Comments: I think the family website is an inspirational link to what family is all about! Love, Dupeire family

May 18 2001
Comments: Hi Christa and family, I keep getting email alerts that there are new entries in your journal but I can't seem to find them. I don't even see May on the agenda here. I'd like to read about what you all are up to and how things are going.I think of you often. My sincere sympathies go to you on the loss of Jeff's Dad. Brenda (AKA Loon)

May  17 2001
Comments: BRICKS BUILD WALLS OF A CITY!!!!! HI GUYS AND GALS... INDEED THANK-YOU LORD FOR ANOTHER BRICK! READ Nehemiah 2:18-20 Hallelujah!!! love , c.g.

May 12 2001
Comments: Jeff & Christa, You're doing a great job!! And by the way, this is YOUR have the right to delete commits that are objectionalble! Also do not have to broadcast the sites that do not exalt the Lord!! Keep up the good work and try not to let a few discourage you. You should know that you all are doing what is right and for Jesus when the attacks come. So hang in there!! In Christs Love, Amber

May 6, 2001
Comments: pray for protection of children...and wisdom in families. And GODS' MERCY and intervention for 'everyone'. These things IMEDIATE PRAYER is needed for.(please intercede in prayer for a Family in Arizona! May the Lord Jesus heal the broken hears and peoples broken lives and give direction. I pray He will protect even the adults who make decisions, that they will pray for Gods will and not for their own will and desires. Hopefully they will consider what is 'truly' best for the Kids. A Friend In Christ and Concerned Christian.

May 6, 2001
Comments: Hi to all the Gefke clan. From the Merlo clan! We miss you all and can't wait to see you again in the Tucson area. Love,Sherri :)

Date: 04 May 2001
Comments: you are the coolest family i have ever ALMOST met.

Date: 03 May 2001
Comments: Dear Christa and Jeff It is always fun reading about your adventures. Christa, you need to stop being so hard on yourself. You are a true inspiration of a loving and giving woman. You graciously give to others in ways that really count. Don't pray for your will to die, you need to be the person that God wants you to be. That includes your will and your mind. Will is something you need to make the choices God asks you to make. Remember too, that is what creates good character. Making the choices God wants us to make. That is how we grow and mature in serving the Lord. Take care, we all miss you. Leslie Jenkins and Family

Date: 01 May 2001
Comments: Hello, I had the pleasure in reading your open diary. I am a member of FTHCHM (Sister Janice). I am so happy that you had the chance to visit the church and that you see that God is no respecter of persons. I am away from my church here in NY but I do get the tapes of the broadcast every week. Keep following after God's heart. I will pray for you and your family as you travel. God Bless Love, Janice 1John 4:7-8

Date: 30 Apr 2001
Comments: I enjoyed your website God's blessing on your faith journey Joe Johnson

Date: 25 Apr 2001
Comments: We need to be in prayer for Families. For those hurting; and remember that when there is separation of Famlies that there are many hurting. The children need "so much love". And the little ones do not understand the 'why' of it all. They need both their mommies and daddys. There are hurting absent parents that need prayer, also. Too often, they are not told where their missing parent is. The 'whole' family hurts when there is a break up of a family. Parents should not use the children as a tool or weapon to hurt one another. Please pray for the little children. There are always two sides to conflict in marriages and separations. Be careful not to be decieved... "pray for Gods' will". And that the Holy Spirit will minister healing of broken hearts and lives. God is the Great Healer, restores and reconciles broken hearts, broken lives and homes!! JESUS IS LORD!

Date: 24 Apr 2001
Comments: After reading most of the entries in your guestbook, I couldn't help notice a few choice ones that should be deleated! I know it is not very comforting to read ones guestbook and see so much smutt! There are those who abuse the privelege of signing ones guestbook and to those I say this," You people that waiste your time putting entries in here that do not glorify the Lord, it is quite apparent that you do not know Jesus! My point to this entry is this: Please deleate those nasty remarks from this book! Thank You A Brother In Christ

Date: 24 Apr 2001
Comments: Howdy Gefke Family! I was did a search on Saddleback Valley News, looking for another story, and stumbled upon your story. I had no idea you guys even moved! Anyway, Christa, I've enjoyed reading your journal, have only read up to August 23rd. I must say your story is wonderful and have enjoyed it very much. The Lord throws us curves in life, which causes us to grow in ways we never thought possible. What a wonderful experience for all of you! The bull semen story was hilarious! At anyrate, the Autry family says Hello. Katelyn and Kyle have been classmates of Kurt through the years at Castille. I have a clear memory of him standing next to Mrs. Keith the second day of Kindergarten, tugging at her for more homework. You could tell Mrs. Keith realized she had a briliant kid on her hands. Take care and enjoy! Kelley Autry/

Date: 23 Apr 2001
Comments: Christa and family - keep up the good work, just come out towards Huntsville Ala some day so we can meet in person.

Date: 23 Apr 2001
Comments: I have read what you have been writing about all the help that you have been giving people. I praise the Lord for people out there that can see the Truth and the Needs of the True people that need help. I read where there is a family that has been helped by you and I know that God will minster to your heart if this is the Lords work or just a manipulation of the needs to be met. What you are doing is great and there is such a blessing that comes over ones heart when you see the Lord at work! Keep up the work of Jesus and you can't go wrong

Date: 23 Apr 2001
Comments: Hello and God Bless your Family Hope things are going well and you are continuing to get blessed in all ways. I emailed you couple of days ago in reference to doing the same thing with my family. Take care and keep trusting JESUS. In Christ, Neal and Debbie Craig

Date: 20 Apr 2001
Comments: Liebe Christa, vielleicht erinnerst Du Dich noch an uns? Wir trafen uns an der Tankstelle/ Waschsalon in Show Low/ Arzona. Du hast uns beobachtet, als wir ratlos im Auto saßen und nicht wußten, wo wir die Nacht verbringen sollten. Du hast uns den super Campingplatz am See gezeigt. Wir wollten Dir dafür noch danken, es war wirklich ein wunderschöner Campground. Wir sollten Dir noch berichten, wie uns das Sonora Desert Museum gefallen hat. Wir sind hier nicht Deiner Meinung, daß dies ein besonders sehenswertes Museum ist. Wir finden immer noch, daß es beeindruckender ist, Tiere in der freien Wildbahn zu sehen, auch sollten Steine echt sein und von einem Hollywood Bühnenbildner nachgebaut werden. Auch wer Höhlen sehen will, sollte natürliche Höhlen ansehen. Keep wildlife wild. Das ist unsere Meinung dazu. Wir wünschen Euch viel Glück und Gesundheit auf Eurer Gefke Family Adventure. Viele Grüße senden Euch Isolde und Franz aus Deutschland

Date: 19 Apr 2001
Comments: Our dear friends and fellow Christians,
How we long to see you again. You both are very dear to our hearts. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ has many wonderful plans for all HIs children. We first would need to be refined in the fire. Remember He is coming back for a pure and spotless bride. He has so much work to do in all of us. Remember, we like Jesus must learn obedience through the things we suffer.(Hebrews 5:8) By reading your journal, I can see the refining fire burning away all that does not belong in the Kingdom of God. SO... it is true that He will perfect that which He has begun in us. He will purge us and purify us as an offering in righteousness. (Malachi 3:1-3) He is an awesome God and He deserves our praise and worship in all we do. He is with you where ever you go. Remember to thank Him in ALL things for it is His will for your life to be more and more like Him daily. He will accomplish this, we need to submit to His Will and His Plan for you. Remember... God wants all or nothing from us. (100%)
In His service, Joyce and Eric Small, Tucson,AZ.

Date: 18 Apr 2001
Comments: i had wished you were on your way to fil's by now. is he in better health now? maybe this prolonged stay was so much more than anticipated by either of you, although it sounds as if you have found a corner of teaching you are enjoying.

Date: 13 Apr 2001
Comments: Just logged unto your web site. How did we find it?? We camped next to your motor home in Tucson on the 24th of March at Beaudrys RV Park. We had the noisy diesel truck and fifth wheel. I wrote down your web site on a note pad as I am always curious. After a trip to Puerto Penaso, Mexico and back home to Littleton, Co. I decided to look up that note pad and your www address. So tonight I logged on and discovered your site. What a wonderfull family you have and I respect the way you are traveling and bringing them up in the Lord. I wished now we would have introduced ourselves and met you in Tucson. You missed a great museum in Green Valley, Az - The Titan Missile Museum. I am a volunteer there and also acquired and set up many of the equipment displays.
Happy Camping!!

Date: 12 Apr 2001
Comments: Hello Christa & family: Enjoy your website very much..been reading other fulltimers websites for several weeks & wondering if there are Christian fulltimers out there. Glad I found yours.. May God bless, Janette

Date: 11 Apr 2001
Comments: Hey! Grace- I saw you in All About you magazing and i think it is wwwwwaaaaaaayyyyyyy aaawwweessommee!

Date: 08 Apr 2001
Comments: Hello from Coach Hubbard of AIT. The other coaches and I thank you for allowing your kids to be a part of AIT. Great web site. See you all at the park Coach Hubbard

Date: 05 Apr 2001
Comments: What a great site and an encouragement to us as we begin to think about doing the very same thing!! Keep it up and God Bless on your travels! BH

Date: 05 Apr 2001
Comments: Hey folks! Keep on trusting God and don't let the mean ugly sevants of satan get you down. We know the truth, and we know Who wins. Love You lots. Rose

Date: 05 Apr 2001
Comments: Good Morning Sweet Gefke Family!! Though our Father in Heaven made us all in his image He blessed us with many separate and individual gifts. Only in Him can we truely communicate without our personalities getting in the way. Thank you for the wonderful noise you are making onto the Lord, Sweet Gefke's. Thank God for making it heard. May those who have scorched this place with their angry cries have the gracious pity of The Creator. May His Spirit come to each in shimmering moment before sleep and whisper His Eternal and Everlasting Love and Give them Peace.

Date: 05 Apr 2001
Comments: Dear Gefke Family, We love are in our prayers daily. Praise God for the witness you are to Him. XOXO The Gillon Family

Date: 05 Apr 2001
Comments: Dear Gekfe Family, "Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle". Praise God He will fight the battles for us. Please see Isaiah 54:16 and 17. Our Lord and savior even "created the destroyer to work havoc". Praise God, Jesus our Lord and Savior will return... Rev 19.

Date: 04 Apr 2001
Comments: Gefke's. I think what you are all doing is great. I would love to be able to travel around the country with the kids. It is an experience I am sure they will treasure forever. I am sure it brought your family closer together. I am praying for you. God Bless. MJ

Date: 04 Apr 2001
Comments: I just heard the Focus on the Family daily broadcast. On it Adrian Rodgers gave a talk that concluded with this thought. If satan had the audacity to go against our Lord Jesus Christ, he will undoubtedly come against each of us. Take strength in the fact that Jesus suffered all we do and more. He will not ask you to do more than He equips you to do. Love in Christ, Rosemary

Date: 04 Apr 2001
Comments: Hi Christa, Jeff and Kids! I'm sorry there are people who write awful things in your guest book. I will be in prayer for your family and your trip as I KNOW you are making a difference for the Kingdom. The enemy wants to steal God's glory by any means, so of course will attack your good efforts. God bless you all. Love, Rosemary (Rose4Him from AL)

Date: 04 Apr 2001
Comments: Dear Christa and Jeff and family, You have been an encouragement and a breath of fresh air. Meeting you at the Pastor/Leader's conference in Tucson was not just a coincidence! Then to have you "brake" down in Show Low... AND show up at the Thursday night study where we are................ "I know you , I know you from somewhere!!" "No, you don't, we are just visiting from out of town." "No, really , I KNOW you!" "You couldn"t possibly , we don't know ANYONE here!!" OK.. ok .. well, the light dawns on me.. yup! at the pastor's conference.. You said to me.. "Just GO with it!" no wonder.. you have been living the talk for a whole year!!! wow, God is so awesome. We have had some wonderful times of laughing and sharing and praying together .. and The best is yet to come. Thank-you Jesus for bringing our friendship to birth. and Thank-you Lord Jesus for Your giving so that we might have the gift of Eternal Friendship.. We will continue to pray for you and your family.. remember to thank HIM for the bricks!! Agape, cheryl and John

READERS: Please note that I have removed objectionable guestbook entries here due to their blasphemous and ugly nature.

John Wesley used to ride thousands of miles on horseback to preach the Gospel to the common folk. Wesley was a noted evangelist in England during the seventeen hundreds. Many churches in this country (USA) particularly the Methodist and the Nazarene owe their beginnings to his ministry.

To John Wesley, persecution from the established church as well as rabble-rousers was a common occurrence. It was so common that one day as he was riding across the country, he realized that he had gone for several days without having any attacks.

When he realized this, he dropped off his horse, knelt to pray to ask the Lord if there was something he was doing wrong. As he was praying a brutish man noticed him from a little distance and recognized who he was. This fellow picked up a brick and hurled it at Wesley, narrowly missing him.

As Wesley saw the brick go by, he gave the Lord a heartfelt thanks! He was then able to get on his horse confident that he was still well within the Lord's will.

Thanks for the brick!
Jeff and Christa Gefke

Date: 02 Apr 2001
Comments: Hi, I have been researching exactly what you are doing. I read MY AMERICAN ADVENTURE recently and became very interested in taking a year off to homeschool and travel with my family. We have two children and are considering this ADVENTURE in two years. My husband wants to know the financial commitment and I'm interested in talking with someone who has done this. I'm trying to email you but it would not go through. I'll keep trying.

Date: 01 Apr 2001
Comments: God bless you in your travels. My name is Jody Chandler and my friend Caroly Eynon told me about you. She said she met you at the pool. I love your web site and I wish you well...

Date: 31 Mar 2001
Comments: your family seems very nice. i personally feel it is too bad that you had to depend on finding christ as a way out of a life you were not happy with. i wish more people could just find themselves instead of needing something to show them what life is about.

Date: 30 Mar 2001
Comments: Hey, my name is Jane and I'm 16....this is REALLY weird of me to be writing here, but I figured what the hey. I got to your website off of the edited mailing list (she's sorta . . . . not really a family website, if you get my drift) and I came here expecting to find a stupid website devoted to some dead family member or whatever, but instead I found a cute and clever family journal. I think what you're doing is really cool and really interesting, and I hope you have a great time on your trip. You all sound like really cool people, and I hope that you have lots of fun and learn a lot. Ok, :) bye. Jane, Washington DC

Date: 27 Mar 2001
Comments: Krista, I hope you get this message in time. We just returned from a trip through the areas you are now traveling. I wanted to share with you about ALAMOGORDO. White Sands Nat'l Park is there. It was the most amazing day for our family. We stayed all afternoon, had a picnic, played, and waited on the sunset. I found it to be so peaceful, and a very spiritual day. Our boys loved playing in the sand dunes there...the sand was amazing. Not clingy, not dirty/messy. This glorious WHITE sand.....huge dunes, beautiful mtn ranges in the distance, and a VIVID BLUE SKY. I felt so close to the Lord there. Loved it! We also did the little UFO museum in Roswell. It's free....and interesting. The kids really enjoyed it also. You are in my prayers! Sherlett Myers

Date: 26 Mar 2001
Comments : Greetings Gefke Family. My significant other and I have to wonder how this trip is affecting your children. Perhaps they are adjusting well, however don't you think that this is unfair to them carting them off from their friends and school's. This might seem like a good idea to most, traveling all over the country allowing your children to see things that they might not otherwise experience, but one must consider the psychological impact that this might have on them as well. We hope that you have considered this in full because your children are the most important things and we would feel very bad if they were negatively affected by your decisions. Be careful out there and keep a positive attitude. May the Lord lift and praise you.   Love Michael and Darin

Date: 25 Mar 2001
Comments: It was so nice to meet you and I am praying that you will succeed with your goals. I too am a christian which we discussed. I hate to say that I have been married for 41 years and I am still waiting for God to speak to my husband and he will become the priest of the house.---Kitchie Julien

Date: 21 Mar 2001
Comments: Just read an article in our Journal-Gazette, out of Fort Wayne, Indiana.......good interesting reading. Mentioned you Gefke's, so naturally I had to pull you up on the web. God bless you on your venture, and protect you as you travel. The Clarks, from North Manchester, IN

Date: 19 Mar 2001
Comments: Also saw your name in the St. Paul Pioneer Press this morning and found your site -- very enjoyable. Sheri Fowler River Falls WI

Date: 19 Mar 2001
Comments: Praise the Lord Gefke family! I pastor in St. Paul, MN and park in Walmart parking lots with our 38'er. I got your name (and took a chance trying it on the web without the site address - here you are!) from the article in the Pioneer Press this morning (3/19). I really like to have access to the various versions of the Bible you advertize on your site. I have Quick Verse and love how it helps me find verses etc. BUT other versions would be a greater help. Any suggestions? Roger Barcus

Date: 17 Mar 2001
Comments: Jeff, Christa, Good speaking with you on the phone yesterday. I enjoy your website and all the pictures. I'll be in touch soon. Gary Roteman The Portable Power Shower

Date: 17 Mar 2001
Comments: Hi Gefke's, We met at the computer in Beaudry RV Resort in Tucson. Good for you on being able to bail out of the corporte rat race and follow your dreams. Wish we could do the same, but alas it is not possible right now. Good luck in your travels. We will be with you, at least electronically. The Ferguson Family, Chandler AZ.


My Apologies to everyone who signed the guest book January 25 through March 16, 2001. I mistakenly deleted your kind and thoughtful comments from the guest book. I am heartsick about this as your messages have been such wonderful and warming notes of encouragement, this guest book ministers to Jeff and I immensely! Thanks so much for all your support and love.

Now, as to the blowing up of the web-site... I think I have just learned to download a back-up of this guest book!! I will do this in the future... again... so sorry!

Christa (the computer wizard!!!)

Oh! One more thing... I cannot respond to comments here on the guest book, however if you leave your email in your post or email me directly, I will answer your questions. Thanks dearest friends!!

Date: 24 Jan 2001
Comments: Dear Friend, "I love Thee, O lord, my strength." The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, My God, my rock, in whom I take refuge; My SHIELD and the horn of my salvation and my strong hold.( Psalms 18:1&2) Remember who your real windshield is!!!!!!!! Keep the faith....XOXO Kathleen G.

Date: 22 Jan 2001
Comments : Finally made time to read your latest update to your wonderful journal. It was good seeing you at December's Roundtable. Keep up the strenght and continue to share your courage. God's speed. PCBond

Date: 17 Jan 2001
Comments: Dear Christa, I just read your journal(Jan, 15,2001). YES...God is Awsome!!!!! Our renewed friendship is truly a blessing. I have been overwhelmed at Gods plan for us, his people... yet why am I amazed? His ways are not our ways. You have been the best Christmas gift that I have received in a really long time! God bless you...dear friend. XOXO Kathleen G. PS Philippians 1:3

Date: 12 Jan 2001
Comments: Hi Christa and family, Great Website! I am computer illiterate so my daughter is helping me write this message. Thanks for the great New Year's Greeting, it was fun to hear of your adventures. I'll keep you in my prayers, Linda Harrison

Date: 04 Jan 2001
Comments: I was just thinking this morning how much I love traveling, and I think that it is so wonderful how you have really made this effort to see what God has given us, and to become a closer family! I really love your website, and I hope that you have a safe and happy journey! Thanks for sharing :)   From Mission Viejo ^_-, Christina Woog

Date: 01 Jan 2001
Comments: Hi there, Jeff, Christa, and family We also sold everything and moved into a motorhome in April of 1999. Our aim is to travel the U. S. and Canada. Our plans have been delayed by such things as cancer treatment and motorhome repairs, but we hope to become permanent sightseers again before too long.   Happy new year! Please check out our web page at and be the first to sign our new guestbook. We have relatives in Mission Viejo and were there for Thanksgiving. We parked our Bounder and lived in a grade school parking lot (Philip Reilly) for three days. Good luck with your adventures an we'll see you on the road.  Dick and Lois Ellingson parked for now in Everett, Washington

Date: 31 Dec 2000
Comments: Hello Gefkes! I really enjoyed cruising your web site! How fun! You are doing what we are only trying to do. We have already sold our house and put our stuff in storage (in my folk's basement/garage). We don't get to leave when we wanted because my mom was diagnosed with cancer. So we are staying several extra months with them until I am sure she is going to be okay. We are hoping to get some corporate sponsorship to help us with our journey. Have you spoken with any RVers who have done this? I have written several letters to corporations but didn't receive any responses. We have 4 children who are chomping at the bit to travel. Good luck and maybe we will run across your family sometime! Molly Mahnke

Date: 31 Dec 2000
Comments: Hello Gefkes! I really enjoyed cruising your web site! How fun! You are doing what we are only trying to do. We have already sold our house and put our stuff in storage (in my folk's basement/garage). We don't get to leave when we wanted because my mom was diagnosed with cancer. So we are staying several extra months with them until I am sure she is going to be okay. We are hoping to get some corporate sponsorship to help us with our journey. Have you spoken with any RVers who have done this? I have written several letters to corporations but didn't receive any responses. We have 4 children who are chomping at the bit to travel. Good luck and maybe we will run across your family sometime! Molly Mahnke (If someone has info. about sponsorship you can email me at:

Date: 29 Dec 2000
Comments : Christa, Thanks--for the encouragement. Mary from FOTR

Date:19 Dec 2000
Comments: We have a special feeling as we read and hear from you on your travels. Being family has us wanting to be with you,but knowing what you are doing is between your family and God.   With love, Kevin,Deb,Dani,Jayme

Date:18 Dec 2000
Comments: Hi Christa! My name is Melissa Sena and we visited at the front desk of CHEP a few weeks ago. I bought one of your beaded keepers. I'm glad you are pursuing a web business. It will be easier to manage on the road. It took me a while to have time to visit your webpage and I'm glad I did. Keep up the good work and I'll be praying for you...In Christ's Love, Melissa :)

Date:14 Dec 2000
Comments: I had to just email and let you know that we live in garden grove. We are thinking on the road for 1 year. I email Kurt your son about the moth, I just could'nt get over how big that thing was. There goes the cotton tee-shirts and underwear. hahahaha What about medical insurance for you all? We have medical insurance. I manage BCB Diversified Corporation part-time. We have medical. How does the kids like being on the road? We have to go get my Wife and Daughter up. Talk to you later. Talk care. God Bless.

Date:13 Dec 2000
Comments: Enjoying the trip... thank you. The Smythe Family

Date:29 Nov 2000
Comments: Christa: I have been following your travels since before you ever left California in August(started reading about your travels on Abundant Living Website). I have really enjoyed hearing about your travels and your adventures. I really had to laugh when you ended up at the "Bull Farm". And I am so glad that you all came out ok from the car accident.  I especially thought about you today. I went to a Calvary Chapel Store and I saw a mustard seed necklace. I wish I had had my check book with me I would have bought it and sent it to you because I know you have been looking for one.

I wish you well in your next adventures and am looking forward to reading about them. I realy enjoy hearing how you are growing in your relationship with the Lord. It is fantastic.   May the Lord bless you and your family through this holiday season and be with you as you take off in your next adventure.  God Bless, Sue Meckley (Theora on Abundant Living Website)

Date:29 Nov 2000
Comments: Thanks for a terrific website and inspiration! Looking forward to following in your footsteps! Blessings Donna in IN

Date:27 Nov 2000
Comments: Hello everyone! I just updated myself on your site-I havent been here for two months cuz we started our travels in september and I have just recently found a laptop that agrees with me. I find your way of life very inspirational and encouraging. See-I visited your site when I was trying to make my decision to put everything in storage and go on the road with our son. And now that I am actually doing it I feel really wonderful about it and I just want to thank you for giving me the courage to do it. I also think its wonderful that you have been receiving all of this wonderful support. That has been a problem with me. My parents think I am an awful mom and that "this is no life for a kid". We just took some time off in FLA where they live and he stayed there for 3 days while his father and I got a hotel room for the weekend. WHen we went to pick up him up tonite it was a huge mess. They had my son all upset and crying about not wanting to go back out with us saying that its not son is 5 so its EZ to get him thinking differantly than how he feels. And my father was doing nothing but telling us awful we are and we are awful parents etc etc etc. But after going on our way my son says all on his own "I love you mom I like going I do have fun." So I had a conversation about why he would tell people he disliked it. ANd he just understand cuz he is little boy and he likes differant things at differant times, whatever suits his mood I guess. And my parents dont understand that. We as a family are so much more relaxed out here on the open road. We bicker less, feel more relaxed about spending time together and taking our time to finnish projects(drawing, whatever it is we are doing) cuz we dont have to be at work at a certain time etc. We feel free to enjoy each other. Maybe we get the slack cuz we are young couple in our middle-late twenties and we are not trusted to make the right decisions but does age have anything to do with making your family life happier and escaping the rat race? I have degrees in medicine so I am an educated person and I like to think of myself as well rounded and of sound judgement. and the rat race was killing us. Another thing -we try to keep tuned in to our son. We ask him if he is enjoying it. And I made a promise to myself and to them before we left that if it did not work we would quit and come home. If my son was ever "hating it" as they say that would be the end. Sorry so longwinded. I guess I just needed to vent after seeing my parents tonite-you dont even know the half of it! my address is if anyone has any comments or insight on this mess! Thanx for a wonderful site. Its nice to see some positives amongst all the chaos we wade thru sometimes! Good luck and Have a merry xmas. Lori Elkins

Date:22 Nov 2000
Comments: hey, grace, eve, and kurt! hey u guys i miss u guys alot. u guys look so cute in all your picture keep taking them i lov e to look at them because i miss u guys so much. love ya guys lots, carly hall

Date:20 Nov 2000
Comments: Hello, from Mission Viejo, California! I enjoyed your travel update! I was especially happy to see the Halloween pictures of the children with the Thompson boys! I wanted to let you know that you appear in the November issue of Scouting magazine. Maybe someone had already told you? It is a nice article regarding the Founders Award in Orange County, California. All is well here in Mission Viejo. We just celebrated Castille Elementary's 25th Birthday on November 3. It was a very nice celebration! Troop 634 is going strong! We just wrapped up the Home Repair Merit Badge. Some boys in the Troop went on a 4X4 Truck Outing & Camping this weekend. In December they will be holding Troop Elections and on December 9 we will be going to play Midnight Broomball on ice. The third week of December they will hold another Court of Honor. Hopefully Kurt will be back for that. Have a safe journey 'Home'! Love, Tammy Moore P.S. My interest in this Mustard Seed Necklace is growing. I hope you find it!

Date:14 Nov 2000
Comments: Well, Sabrina thought I did a nice job cleaning the house. How fun! Thank you guys for visiting, sharing, and keeping my head on straight. Next time, I'll smoke in the garage so Grace doesn't have to yell at me. Tell Eve I said hi. Love you all...Jimmy Z

Date:10 Nov 2000
Comments: Hello! My name is Shelley. I read about your adventure in a column written by Grace in Teen's All About You. I just wanted to say good luck on your travels. You have a great webpage, and I will keep visiting to see what's new. Have a safe trip! - Shelley

Date:09 Nov 2000
Comments: Just read your journal. Enjoyed seeing myself in there! Thanks for stopping by the Tabernacle--it was a real pleasure to meet your family. Roy Bender

Date:06 Nov 2000
Comments: Welcome to Wright-Patterson AFB! Just saw you pull up to our Visitors Center and your website caught my eye. Your lifestyle sounds enviable and so enlightning! Hope you have a good time here in Ohio and during the rest of your "adventure". God Bless You. Stay well! Capt. Ruben Matos, USAF, MSC Air Force Institute of Technology E-mail:

Date:04 Nov 2000
Comments: Hi Christa,
I just got caught up on your adventures. I sure am glad everyone survived the accident OK. Your website is awesome. I love reading your journals. You are a gifted writer. Good luck in your future travels and I'll keep you and your family in my prayers.
Brenda (LOON) from Abundant Living

Date:02 Nov 2000
Comments: Hello! Jeff & Christa and children, We are the Cain Family, Brian (Dad)42 Marianne (Mom)43 Jordan (Son) 12 John (Son)9 I just came on to your web site! I see we have a LOT in common,#1 is, Jesus is our Lord and Savior also, #2 is, we are home schoolers! #3, we just bought our first ever, 36ft fifth wheel, which is sitting in our Camp Lejeune Base houseing drive way,Brain is retiring from the USMC in Sept.2001, But we plan on moving in to our home on wheels in March 2001,and stay here on Camp Lejeune's Camp/RV park which is on the beach,( by the way if you are in the way of Jacksonville, NC, stop by, and we can share, and break some bread together. We pray for your travels, as we ask you to pray for our's we want to go back to Scotland one day to do missionary work,Which is why we will be fulltiming this summer to gain support from welcoming churches, who will take us on. Oh last of all! I was born and raised in Huntington Beach CA.!!! we are doing a cross country trip back to CA. in Aug. for a family reunion,I have not been back in 6 years!!! God Speed to you all. Marianne Cain Joshua 24:15

Date:31 Oct 2000
Comments: I have been enjoying your adventures since before you left. Thanks for all the enertainment. I wish you and your family a truly wonderful adventure and thank you for all the inspiration I get from your messages...
Ruth Texan stranded in MA at the moment

Date: 31 Oct 2000
Comments: Hello: the website is great. Keep us inform of your travel. Sallie Pack 1294

Date: 28 Oct 2000
Comments: Christa, I can't find the words to express how thankful I am for your journal. I am so inspired by the way you share your thoughts, feelings, and LIVE YOUR FAITH. I am very touched by the lost mustard seed pin experience. God works in amazing ways! You are touching many lives and making a difference. Your family will remain in my prayers throughout your journey. Thanks for sharing it! Sherlett Myers (Arkansas)

Date: 24 Oct 2000
Comments : The website looks fantastic! Love reading about your adventures. I Praised God that you were all OK after reading about your accident. My thoughts and prayers are with you on your travels and if you're ever in NE California there is a Wal*Mart with a big parking lot in a town near us and an RV park right down the street from my house. Take care and God bless. Ramm from AL :)

Date: 20 Oct 2000

Date: 13 Oct 2000
Comments: i am curious what make rv u have and where do ur children sleep? does each have a space for clothes, books, personal items, etc. - where? do u own a dustbuster? you would have to keep it c harged, but u can get rid of the dirt in seconds.

Date: 13 Oct 2000

Comments: Dear Gefkes, You are living a life that most people only dream about. Congratulations for doing it. What a wonderful experience for your children!   Chuck Woodbury, editor

Date: 05 Oct 2000


Date: 26 Sep 2000

Comments: I said Hello to you and your beautiful family in Benton, Illinois at the KOA off of route 57. We hope that you are living your dreams. Paul, Dara, Rachel(6) and Sarah(4) York. or

Date: 20 Sep 2000
Comments: Hi Gefke Family. Your travels are very enjoyable. The writings are very real and when I read them, I can actually visulize you and your family on the road. Very impressive writing! As with all unknown adventures, the path you take will lead you to where you will want to be, and remind you of where you once were. Judy Rackauckas

Date: 20 Sep 2000
Comments: Thanks for the updates and I can agree about Georgia, I thought some of the areas I visited were very nice. Your Web site is very good, who designed it? Happy trails Roy McQuoid

Date: 19 Sep 2000

Comments: Hi! I loved the pictures of your new home and cleaning day. I'm sure you are on an adventure and enjoy reading about it. Keeping you in my prayers- Love Rosemary ( Rose4Him from AL )

Date: 19 Sep 2000

Date: Sep  16 2000
Comments :Hi Gefke family, This is an awesome web site. I feel like I am also traveling with all of you. Good luck in your continuing traveling. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to "travel" with you all. Have fun! from Cobden, Illinois the Vicente family

Date: 15 Sep 2000

Comments: Christa and Jeff,
What an adventure you are having! I am sorry that I didn't get to say goodbye to you at Roundtable. The story about the bull farm is hilarious! Remember, Day Camp is fun...
- Marge P., Pack 615

Date: 15 Sep 2000
Comments: Hi Christa, I am so enjoying " traveling " with you and your family. I am so pleased that I had the opportunity of meeting you. I feel strongly that God places people in our paths for a very special purpose. Your open and honest sharing of feelings along with fears and doubts, laughter and joy has truly touched my heart. I think of you, Jeff, Kurt, Grace and Eve daily and always enclude you in my prayers that God may bless you and hold you tenderly. That he will direct and guide you , and give you safety, peace and contentment and keep you all well in his loving hands. Sending you all big hugs. Love, Paula...Lake Forest, Ca.

Date: 13 Sep 2000

Comments: Hello Gefke's - Your willingness to live your life following God's principles is inspiring. Following His guidelines brings Him glory - which is our sole purpose on this earth. Thanks for stepping out of the typical American lifestyle and sharing your adventures with us - Rita in Rockford, IL
PS. We have two Walmarts here if you ever come by this way!

Date: 13 Sep 2000

Date: 13 Sep 2000

Comments: Dear Christa and family, Mission Viejo is not the same since you began your travels. It is exciting to read all about your experiences on the road traveling this land that God has blessed us with. What a gift you are giving your children. I miss you "sista". Love, Katie
I long to see you, so that I may be filled with joy. 2 Timothy 1:4

Date: 12 Sep 2000

Comments: Hi to All! I love your journal and photogallery. It makes those of us that had to stay behind feel like part of your mission. I find myself logging on when I need a lift. You are an inspiration to all of us to keep trying to make the word alittle better by our touch. You and all your prayer requests have been added to my prayers as my little part of supporting your adventure. Linda Gleason

Date: 12 Sep 2000
Comments: Cool website! I look forward to the updates. Don't forget when you pass through North Carolina to look us up. -The Hughes (Kathryn, Joel and Morgan)

Date: 12 Sep 2000
Comments: Not every night but surely every week I'm logging on and reading all about the Great Gefke Adventure. Thank you for being so honest and sharing your thoughts and feeling about your beliefs, issues and hopes. We went to church today as guests of some old friends the Westlands. I will keep an eye on all of you and will be praying with you. I'll be in Charlotte, NC tomorrow (which is real close to GA) and wish I could see you but will have to settle on reading you! Love to your Jeff and kids. Paul Kinney & Family.

Date: 12 Sep 2000
Comments: Hi Gefke's!! I am enjoying the commentary and often feel that I am right there with you. I know you have many adventures in your future and I can't wait to share them with you. You are all in my prayers daily as you face the hills and valleys of "life on the road". Love, Joanne (and the rest of the Egner clan)

Date: 10 Sep 2000
Comments: We were in Perry Georgia Yesterday (Saturday 09-09-2000) and just happened to ride through the RV park where you were camping and copied down your web address. I just thought I would let you know that I looked at your website out of courisity and find what you are doing both interesting and inspiring. I wish you all the best in your travels and Pray that your journey is both plesant and safe. My father is retired and has a Coachman 34' RV and has an interest of traveling the country but so far has not taken the leap. Maybe if I can tell him of your adventure it will inspire him to go ahead. If you happen to come through Americus Ga e-mail me as my father and mother would surely enjoy hearing of your adventure (and you probably could be treated to a Great homecooked Souther meal "Even Grits") God Bless and take care and enjoy our Great State of Georgia. Roger Bell

Date: 08 Sep 2000
Comments : Hi Gefkes! Hope all is well on your adventure! Have fun! Mrs. J.

Date: 08 Sep 2000
Comments : Jeff and Christa Thanks for letting us tag along on your adventure, it's great! Kathleen West

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