Our Story.......

Like most baby boomers, we were living high, working hard and trying to raise a family. Somehow that empty feeling just never got filled....

.... Not by money, not by success, not by debt, not by family.... nothing. Then, we discovered that Jesus not only filled that place, He overwhelmed us with Grace. 

Bit by bit, we began to discover what family and life is TRULY all about! So, we sold the house, paid all the bills and are traveling the USA in an RV.

Join us on our journey of discovery.  Together we will find our hearts, our families, our beautiful country...  and the One who makes it all happen.

Imagine... why on earth would an average family sell their home, pack up the kids and travel the USA in a motor home?

The Family

Jeff and Christa

Kurt, 14 years old

Grace, 11 years old

Eve, 5 years old


Contact Information

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23052 H Alicia Parkway #200
        Mission Viejo, CA 92692
Electronic mail
Jeff Gefke: jeff@gefke.com
Christa: christa@gefke.com
Kurt, Grace or Eve: TheKids@gefke.com
Webmaster: webservant@gefke.com


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